Nuclear Blast Records – Death Is Just The Beginning Retro Album

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Nuclear Blast Records is releasing a new retro throw back album compilation Death Is Just The Beginning MMXVII  which brings back their classic compilation album series.

The album resembles the older classic Death Is Just The Beginning compilations which helped launch Nuclear Blast Records and many prominent Death Metal bands.

Like their older albums the compilation features unreleased, demo and re-recorded versions of songs including a re-recording of “The Awakener”  by Kataklysm one of their classic older songs form “The Temple of Knowledge” album, demo versions of Benediction and Possessed from their upcoming new album on Nuclear Blast.

The album also features cover songs of Sepultura by Immolation featuring Max Cavalera on “Morbid Visions” and Hypocrisy doing a cover of The Exploited’s “They Lie”.

01. BENEDICTION – Tear Off These Fucking Wings (unreleased demo of new song)
02. KATAKLYSM – The Awakener (re-recorded)
03. HYPOCRISY – They Lie (THE EXPLOITED cover)
04. THE SPIRIT – Illuminate The Night Sky05. MEMORIAM – The War Rages On (demo)
06. INSIDIOUS DISEASE – Soul Excavation (unreleased new song)
07. POSSESSED – Abandoned (unreleased demo of new song)
08. THY ART IS MURDER – The Son Of Misery
09. IMMOLATION – Morbid Visions (feat. Max Cavalera) (SEPULTURA cover)
10. NAILED TO OBSCURITY – King Delusion (unreleased new song)
11. BLEEDING GODS – Beloved By Artemis
12. DECAPITATED – Sane (Meshuggah cover)
13. AENIMUS – Before The Eons (unreleased new song)
14. PARADISE LOST – Frozen Illusion (previously released Japanese only b-side)
15. CARCASS – A Wraith In The Apparatus
16. BRUJERIA – Viva Presidente Trump! (previously only available digitally and on vinyl)


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