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Judas Priest Announces 50th Year Celebration

Judas Priest has announced their be a celebration next year in 2019 for their 50th Anniversary in an interview with Metal Kaoz . Judas Priest recently released their well received by fans new album Firepower, which will appeal to fans of their Painkiller era record. Judas Priest – Firepower – Official Audio: Judas…

Overkill’s D.D. Verni Releases New Solo Album & Lyric Videos

Bassist D.D. Verni from Thrash Metal originators Overkill is releasing his first solo album. The album, Verni – Barricade, was mixed and mastered by Chris “Zeuss” Harris who has worked with Rob Zombie.

Guest musicians include Jeff Waters – Annihilator, Bruce Franklin – Trouble, Mike Romeo – Symphony X, Jeff Loomis – Arch Enemy, Mike Orlando – Adrenaline Mob, Steve Leonard – Almost Queen, Angus Clark – Trans Siberian Orchestra, Andre “Virus” Karkos and former Overkill drummer Ron Lipnicki.

Statement from D.D. Verni:

“So, why do a solo record… well I never really stop writing material, and after some time, it starts to pile up and take shape and I wonder what it will be. In the past, anything that was not OVERKILL material I would put aside for my other band THE BRONX CASKET CO., but when I starting pulling these songs together, it was clearly not that, and I thought, ‘Okay, I guess it’s a solo record.’ The material was kinda metal and kinda rock and kinda punk, so those really are my basic influences. In OVERKILL, I take all that background and funnel it into our thrash sound. But these songs were not thrash but a combination of the other stuff.

“I would never really have an interest in doing a record that was thrash-sounding outside of OVERKILL; I just don’t think it could be any better. The fun is trying new shit and seeing where it goes for me.

“I could always do all the instruments myself, as I have in the past on projects, but thought this could be a good opportunity to try working with some new people. My wife was hearing me thinking out loud and basically said, ‘Why don’t you just call some guys whose work you like and see if they would be interested?’ And so that’s what I did.”

Verni – Lost In The Underground:

D.D. Verni – Fire Up



Monteal’s Cryptopsy Unleash New Death Metal Video

Cryptopsy – Sire of Sin

Video Review:

This video is from the new Cryptopsy EP – The Book of Suffering Tome II. Although not the same Death Metal style as their early material Cryptopsy’s newer sound will appeal to a more mainstream Death Metal audience

Not the same guttural Death Metal as their early albums but the band has stepped it up to a more brutal sound than some of their more recent previous albums with a more polished commercial sound that will appeal to a more mainstream oriented audience.

Brutal Death Metal fans will appreciate this album more than some of their other newer releases. Definitely worth checking out.

Interview With Deicide

Interview with Deicide from Link: Deicide Interview: Death Metal, Satan & Overtures Of Blasphemy “People go out into the dead of night to experience this music, drink, party, mingle and sin.” Deicide. Noun. The act of killing a god, or the perpetrator of such. This death metal quartet are a band that live…

Interview With Pig Destroyer

Pig Destroyer interview from Canadian Magazine Exclaim. Pig Destroyer Throw Away the Grindcore Rulebook on ‘Head Cage’ By Denise Falzon Published Sep 05, 2018 Virginia’s highly revered Pig Destroyer have made a name for themselves over the past two decades — on albums like 2001’s Prowler in the Yard, 2004’s Terrifyer and their last…

Voivod Interview


New audio interview with one of Canada’s leading Thrash Metal band’s Quebec’s Voivod.

Their new album is called “The Wake”, you can listen to the full interview below which is about 30 minutes plus music.



Video: Entombed A.D – Fit For A King

From their new album Entombed A.D. – Fit For A King.

If you didn’t know Entombed had to change their name to Entombed A.D. because last we heard L.G. Petrov the original singer is the only band member left and the other members owned the name Entombed.

If you like Entombed this is still Entombed only it’s Entombed A.D. because it’s just the vocalist from the older line up left in the band, Entombed A.D. albums are good  but it’s just the vocalist left in the band so there is an “A.D.” in their name now.

The other band members are not using the name Entombed as far as we know right now, so there are not two Entombed’s just one, it’s Entombed A.D. unless that changes.