NEWS: Glenn Danzig Signs Movie Deal

Glenn Danzig has signed a movie deal with Cleopatra Entertainment to write, direct and compose the musical score for a feature film that will be an “anthology” of his characters and story lines from his comic book company Verotik.

Danzig told LA Weekley:

“It’s an anthology movie, which is kind of like Boris Karloff in Mario Bava’s ‘Black Sabbath’. It’s based on three different Verotik comic stories. Kind of like ‘Creepshow’, ‘Tales From The Dark Side’ and ‘Trilogy Of Terror’ with Karen Black — three different stories. [Verotik Comics character] Morella is doing the intro and outros to all the stories. We are casting it right now. We are gonna start shooting a week after Irvine [30th-anniversary show]. I would imagine it’d come out sometime in 2019. We want to do some kind of theater events, midnight-movie style, where you’d get a free Verotik comic that you can only get at the screening. I’m donating a DANZIG song to the soundtrack, and then I’m doing the bumps and groans symphonic classical soundtrack. Already started working on that.”

Danzig also told Revolver Magazine:

“So far my experience has been pretty good. Anybody who’s hard to work with, I’ll just kick off my set. We’ll see when we start doing the movie and I have multiple actors everywhere. We’ll see how good my temperament is. [Laughs]”


Danzig also said:

“In all the music videos I direct, I always try to bring that kind of flair and that theme to the videos,” he said. “It’s just that now I get to do an actual movie where you don’t have to do so many edits. In music video, you constantly have to do edits because you’ve got to keep everybody’s attention — you can’t just do a long tracking shot. So I get to do a little more cinematic stuff, which is cool. It’s going to be crazy.”






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