MOVIE REVIEW: Lords Of Chaos – Mayhem Biography

Lords Of Chaos is the story of the origins of the Black Metal band Mayhem from Norway. In the early 1990’s the band was involved in a series of church burnings, murders and a suicide.

The movie Lords Of Chaos is the story of murdered Black Metal Guitarist Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth who is played by Rory Culkin.

Surprisingly, this was an excellent movie aside from being somewhat of a lower budget with not top quality camera work just under a typical Hollywood production which is easily overlooked. The acting at times is somewhat childish when showing the “satanic” relationships between the band members which comes off as a little immature, the actors themselves are also somewhat young looking compared to their real life counterparts who are more scary in real life than the actors.

Except for these small shortcomings that younger fans will probably overlook and the camera quality which is “almost” Hollywood the movie itself is excellent.

The story is about the creation of “True Norwegian Black Metal” by Øystein Aarseth with the band Mayhem. The movie documents the beginning of the bands history and the bizarre relationships between the band members which led to the suicide of their vocalist Per Yngve Ohlin “Dead” who used to cut himself on stage with a knife and was obsessed with dead animals and used to smell them in paper bags to get the sent of death on him before he performed.

The vocalist also buried his stage clothes in the ground with dead animals to get decomposition and the smell of the grave on them for their stage performances.

The movie shows how the band lived in squalor in an old farm house during this time period and was full of dead animals where the vocalist committed suicide which was documented by Euronymous when he discovered the body which he took pictures of for an album cover. The movie also dispels the myth that Euronymous ate of piece of his brain saying it was just to hype the band, then he made necklaces of pieces of his skull but you are not sure of it was true or not.

After the suicide the band was joined by Varg Vikernes and the band began a series of church burnings in Norway to promote themselves and destroy Christianity, the movie also documents the band running a record store in Norway when they recorded their first album during the church burnings.

Also referenced in the movie is the murder of a gay man in Lillehammer by a staff member of their record store Bård Guldvik “Faust” Eithun from the band Emperor during the church burnings who later served nine years for the murder after the arrest of Varg Vikernes.

According to the movie after burning churches in Norway with their “group of satanists” and murdering a homosexual in Lillehammer Varg Vikernes came forward to the media to take credit for the church burnings and connections to the murder, Vikernes was arrested when the story made front page news in Norway just after the band recorded their first album  “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” which made the cover of Kerrang Magazine after the press releases.

After Vikernes was released from jail for confessing to the church burnings he and Euronymous got into a contract dispute about Vikernes material which was signed to Euronymous label at their record store along with Mayhem’s material.

Euronymous tried to cut ties with Vikernes in a new contract after the news story and press broke in music magazines and he told people he planned to stun Vikernes with a tazer, cut him up and make a snuff movies out of him. Vikernes heard the story and received the contract offer in the mail and drove nearly 500 km to Oslo, Norway with the contract and stabbed Euronymous to death over the dispute.

The look of the movie is almost an exact replica of the Death Metal or Black Metal scene and looks mostly like an advertisement for the British Black Metal band Venom and has an excellent Black Metal and Metal soundtrack which is currently not available on Compact Disc.

Except for a few visual and acting flaws this movie should not disappoint any true Black Metal or Death Metal fans.

You can get this movie as a digital download on websites like YouTube for less than $5, well worth the money for the digital version and is also on DVD / Blu Ray.

Rating: 9/10

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