Earache Records “Into The Pit” Live Album Series Now Available On All Platforms

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The Earache Records live album series “Into The Pit” previously only available on iTunes is now available for download on all media platforms.


At The Gates – Live in Krakow
The Berzerker – Live in London
Bolt Thrower – Live War
Cathedral – Live in London
Cult of Luna – Live at the Scala
Deicide – Doomsday L.A.
Deicide – Live in Nottingham
Deicide – When London Burns
Hate Eternal – Live in London
The Haunted – Live in Malmo
Linea 77 – Live at MTV Day
Linea 77 – Live at TPO
Mortiis – Live in London
Napalm Death – Live at Rock City
SSS – Live in Liverpool

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