Glenn Danzig To Begin Filming New “Vampire Western Movie”, Streaming First Movie This October

Glenn Danzig is set to begin filming his second movie this October which is said to be a “spaghetti western” (Clint Eastwood) style vampire movie set in the old west. His first movie “Verotika” will begin streaming on the internet this October on Halloween.

Glenn Danzig is also set to release his new long awaited Elvis Presley cover songs album this fall.

Danzig has also said there will be no more Misfits reunion shows after the New York City Madison Square Garden show and that he may plan to tour with Danzig. Hopefully Danzig is hinting at a new Misfits album featuring himself , Jerry Only and Doyle and future concerts may be for a new Misfits album tour!

Check out this video interview with Glenn Danzig at the premier of Rob Zombie’s new movie “3 From Hell”:

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