Misfits Sue Publisher Over Unauthorized Book

The “Original” Misfits members Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only are suing a book publisher over an unauthorized Misfits book which uses their copyrighted artwork without their permission.

The Misfits “fiend skull” logo is owned and copyrighted by the Misfits who did not give permission for the usage of their artwork for the book they are saying which misleads fans into thinking the book is an official publication from Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only.

From World Intellectual Property Review:

LINK: https://www.worldipreview.com/news/the-misfits-sue-art-publisher-over-signature-skull-design-19427

Punk band The Misfits have sued the publisher Abrams, alleging misappropriation of the group’s signature artwork for a coffee-table book.

The complaint was filed by Misfits AD, a company established by founding members of the band Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only to manage activities related to their reformed version of the band, yesterday, March 9.

Danzig and Only, who currently perform as The Original Misfits, accused Abrams of reproducing the band’s “Fiend Skull” design, registered with the US Copyright Office, without authorisation.

In July 2019, Abrams, which specialises in publishing illustrated books, released “Scream With Me: The Enduring Legacy of The Misfits”.

The book is a coffee-table book advertised on the publisher’s website as the “ultimate visual history paying tribute to one of punk’s most iconic bands”.

According to the suit, the “Fiend Skull” design is displayed prominently on the front cover and repeatedly throughout the book.

“Abrams’ unauthorised copying of the ‘Fiend Skull’ mark as the main image on the cover of the book is likely to cause confusion and lead consumers to mistakenly believe that Abrams and the book are endorsed, approved, or sponsored by, or affiliated, connected, or associated with Misfits AD,” the complaint said.

The band has accused Abrams of both copyright and trademark infringement, as well as false designation of origin.

The current incarnation of the band reunited in 2016, as The Original Misfits, following the group’s breakup in 1983, and several subsequent reunion shows.

WIPR has contacted Abrams for comment in response to The Misfits’ allegations.

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