REVIEW: Danzig Sings Elvis

Danzig Sings Elvis is listed as the 12th Danzig album and is not a Glenn Danzig solo album according to web resources.

Fans of Danzig or Elvis may like or not this record based on it’s production and song selection.

The songs covered on Danzig sings Elvis are mainly lesser known Elvis songs to mainstream audiences and may not appeal to this fan base. Danzig may in fact be trying to appeal to the smaller more obscure Elvis fan base with this covers album.

The most notable being the song “Always On My Mind” which reached Number 3 on Billboard charts in 1972-1973, of course that may be a matter of opinion based on personal listener tastes.

Danzig has also released this track as a limited edition 7 Inch single.

If you’re a Danzig fan don’t expect to hear familiar songs on this record if you’re a mainstream Elvis listener, but if you’re a fan of obscure Elvis material, like Danzig appears to be based on his selection, then you may like this record.

Don’t expect a large scale Elvis Presley studio production if you get this record, in fact the sound production on this album is extremely lacking and doesn’t compare to the Elvis recordings from a large scale professional studio production.

The studio production on the album is probably it’s biggest drawback because it doesn’t truly capture the essence of Elvis on the record because of the poor studio production.

Mainstream audiences would probably not be interested in this record as an Elvis Presley covers album because of it’s poor sound quality compared to the original Elvis studio recordings.

For Danzig, this is still a good album with great collectable value for it’s lp and 7 inch record releases and will probably be highly sought after by Danzig fans as a collectable.

Danzig sings Elvis was released on April 17th, 2020 and reached a position of 6 on US Top Album Sales for that week, it’s only week on the chart.

It also hit number 32 on the US Top Rock Albums chart and reached number 192 on the US Billboard Top 200.

Danzig Sings Elvis was apparently met with mixed reviews upon it’s release and received a rating of 59/100 from Metacritic for it’s release only based on four reviews from mainstream publications including Rolling Stone Magazine, All Music and Billboard.

Recommended as a collectable for fans of Danzig, but will probably not appeal to Elvis fans based on it’s lack of Elvis quality studio sound production.

Rating: 6/10


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