REVIEW: The Great Kat – Czardas For Violin And Piano

Czardas For Violin and Piano by The Great Kat is a one song classical violin CD Single. This is not a Heavy Metal CD Single, it is a piano and violin CD Single of the classical composition “Czardas For Violin and Piano”, performed on violin by The Great Kat.

The Great Kat, Katherine Thomas, is no doubt one of the Top Heavy Metal Guitarists of all time and also known as one of the fastest guitar shredders of all time and is the fastest female guitarist in music.

The Great Kat plays a form of Speed and Thrash Metal mixed with Classical Music Compositions on the Guitar and on the Violin, this CD Single is a classical violin composition only.

Katherine Thomas is a well known classical violin virtuoso and is a graduate of Julliard and has won the Artists International Competition on Violin and the Carnegie Recital Hall Violin Soloist competition.

Visit the Great Kat store at for ordering information for the CD Single and you can also buy other personalized autographed merchandise from the Great Kat including CD’s, Albums, Photos, Posters and more.

Rating: 10/10

Metallica – Helping Hands New Live Album Out

Metallica – “Helpings Hands” released this month is the new acoustic live album from Metallica and is a mix of acoustic versions of Metallica songs as well as acoustic cover songs of artists like Nazareth, Bob Seger and Deep Purple.

This is great live Metallica album and guaranteed to be a 9+ out of 10 for any Metallica fan. The record features great acoustic versions of Metallica songs like Nothing Else Matters, The Unforgiven and Bleeding Me.

The record also has alternate acoustic versions of songs like Disposable Hero’s which may not appeal to all fans which sound like a different version of the same song, there is a somewhat alternate version of The Four Horsemen which is a stand out track on this record.

The acoustic version of The Four Horsemen is probably one of the best songs on the album and gives the song a real mainstream feel to it with some alternate sounding sections.

This is a guaranteed favorite album in your Metallica music collection, get one today!