VIDEO: Kataklysm – The Awakener Re-recorded Version New Preview

New Preview clip of Kataklysm’s re-recorded version of their classic song “The Awakener” originally released on their album “Temple Of Knowledge” with their original vocalist Sylvain Houde.

“Temple of Knowledge” was an important release in the history of Kataklysm and is a cult classic with fans, before their switch to vocalist Maurizio Iacono on their album “The Prophecy”.

Nuclear Blast Records Death Is Just The Beginning MMXVII compilation is looking like it’s going to be a great classic compilation release like their original compilations with tracks like Kataklysm – “The Awakener” and a demo from the new album by original Bay Area Thrash band Possessed.




VIDEO: Possessed new Demo Track from Nuclear Blast Records Death Is Just The Beginning

This is a clip of a song from the new Possessed album on Nuclear Blast Records called “Abandoned” from a video trailer for the new “Death Is Just The Beginning”  compilation this will be the first studio album by Possessed to be released since 1987’s “The Eyes of Horror” EP on Combat Records.

Check out this the video trailer for Death Is Just The Beginning MMXVII to hear a clip of a demo song from the new highly anticipated original San Francisco Bay Area Thrash band Possessed album which features original Vocalist Jeff Becerra.



VIDEO: Behemoth – Bartzabel Video Premier For New Single

Behemoth – “Bartzabel” video premier from their new album “I Loved You At Your Darkest”:


From :

Mastermind Nergal comments: “‘Bartzabel’ is a song that came in the midst of a BEHEMOTH rehearsal… We had no structure, no vision – but piece by piece, it came to be, and we were extremely excited by the result. To us, it’s the eye of the ‘ILYAYD’ storm: sonically calmer and slower than anything else on the record, but definitely one of the darkest!

Lyrically, we (myself and Krzysztof Azarewicz) were inspired by Aleister Crowley’s conjuration of the Spirit of Mars – which the video, by our trusted friends in Grupa 13, depicts beautifully…I may even go as far to say that it’s my favourite BEHEMOTH video of all time! I hope you all enjoy it, and we look forward to ‘ILYAYD”s launch this Friday!”



VIDEO: Interview With Max Cavalera, New Official Soulfly Tracks

The new Soulfly album “Ritual” will be out October 19 on Nuclear Blast Records. “Ritual”  was recorded and mixed by Josh Wilber who has worked with Lamb of God and Gojoia and features guest appearances by Randy Blythe from Lamb of God and Ross Dolan from Immolation.

Artwork for “Ritual” was done by Eliran Kantor who has also done Iced Earth and Testament as well as Marcelo Vasco Arts who have previously worked with Slayer and Kreator who did additional art for the album booklet.




“Dead Behind The Eyes” Featuring Randy Blythe:



“Evil Empowered”:


VIDEO: Dee Snider – Live In The USA Album Coming Out Featuring Twister Sister Songs

Dee Snider – SMF (Sick Mutha F**kers) – Live In The USA is a new live Album from their 1995 tour that includes live versions of Twister Sister songs due out October 5 on earMUSIC.

Preview Track: Dee Snider – We’re Not Gonna Take It (Live In The USA)


Track List:

01. What You Don’t Know (Sure Can Hurt You)
02. The Kids Are Back
03. Stay Hungry
04. Destroyer
05. I Am (I’m Me)
06. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll
07. Medley: Come Out And Play, The Pack, I Believe In Rock ‘N’ Roll, Be Chrool To Your Scuel
08. We’re Gonna Make It
09. I Wanna Rock
10. Wake Up (The Sleeping Giant)
11. Burn In Hell
12. Shoot ‘Em Down
13. Under The Blade
14. We’re Not Gonna Take It
15. The Price



MOVIE: The Rise of L.A. Thrash Metal

This is an “Inside Metal” Heavy Metal Documentary series about “The Rise of L.A. Thrash Metal”. Part one from can be streamed on YouTube or Amazon pay per view and Part Two is a 2018 New Release and can be purchased on Amazon or you can stream it on Amazon.

Amazon Prime members can stream this for free and non members will have to pay to watch the Video on Amazon Prime’s pay per view streaming service.

Check out the video preview below:



VIDEO: Suffocation – Message From Frank Mullen, Final Tour

Suffocation are heading out on their final North American tour with vocalist Frank Mullen starting this October on their Death Chopping North America tour. Check out tour dates below. Tickets available at .







21 – Wantagh, NY – Mulcahy’s Concert Hall
22 – Cambridge, MA – Middle East Down
23 – Montreal, QC – Les Foufounes Electriques
24 – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
25 – Detroit, MI – Magic Stick
26 – Joliet, IL – The Forge
27 – St. Paul, MN – Amsterdam Bar and Grill
29 – Kansas City, MO – Riot Room
30 – Denver, CO – Gothic Theatre
31 – Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Music Hall

1 – Jerome, ID – Diamondz Event Center
2 – Seattle, WA – Club Sur Rocks
3 – Portland, OR – Dante’s
4 – Oakland, CA – Oakland Metro
5 – West Hollywood, CA – Whisky A Go Go **
6 – San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick **
7 – Mesa, AZ – Club Red
9 – San Antonio, TX – Paper Tiger
10 – Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Bar ‘N Grill
11 – Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
13 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
14 – Charlotte, NC – The Underground
15 – Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
16 – New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
17 – Reading, PA – Reverb

** No Cattle Decapitation

VIDEO: Dee Snider – American Made New Music Video

Dee Snider – American Made new music video from the album “For The Love of Metal”:


Dee Snider: “I was watching the Olympics and couldn’t help but notice that no matter how ‘at each other’s throats’ we all appear to be politically these days, amazingly we are all unified when it comes to our country against another. It made me realize that countries are like dysfunctional families: we may argue and fight amongst each other (You should have seen the extended Snider family Christmas this year. People literally almost came to blows. On Christmas!?), but should someone dare attack any one of us and the entire family will band together against the aggressor. This goes for all countries. This song is a song on unification – recognizing that there is a very important something we all share and should be proud of: where we are from.”


Dee Snider – Become The Storm:


VIDEO: Voivod New Single & Video

New Voivod Single and Video.

Denis “Snake” Bélanger:

“What I really like about Voivod fans is that they are all able to make their own interpretation of the lyrics or the story of our songs. This video is such a good portrait of “Iconspiracy” and the artist pinpoints awesome visuals in regards to the meaning and representation of the story itself. Thanks to Costin, an amazing artist who did really great work for us in the past and still blows my mind every time again. Question everything! Iconspiracy!!!”

Video director Costin Chioreanu: “ The most difficult task of an illustrator is to work for his all-time favourite bands. Then he becomes extremely exigent with what he creates and wants to get beyond any known limit. Obviously, this type of experiences are priceless by all means at the same time, because everything goes utterly intense and he feels like a starship exploring the Universe at full warp speed and experiencing several amazing unseen worlds per second. “The Wake” is the album of the year 2018 for me and the video I literally built from scratch for “Iconspiracy” follows the song lyrics and the spaces between them. At the same time, both the story and video fight to remain alive while trying to keep up with the infernal dynamics of the song, which represent another musical proof of the Voivod’s genius. Other than that, this video speaks by itself, just like the music, therefore who is prepared to be awaken, will be!”

Voivod – Iconspiracy







VIDEO: Banger TV Shredders of Metal

Episode 1 of Banger TV’s Shredders of Metal, I believe this is filmed in Toronto, Canada and was Co Founder by Sam Dunn from “Metal A Headbangers Journey”.

This is metal reality show where people compete in a lead guitar shredding competition. You can see more episodes on their YouTube Page.

VIDEO: Obscura – Mortification Of The Vulgar Sun 4K Hi Def Video

New Official 4K Hi Def video for Obscura – Mortification Of The Vulgar Sun from their album Diluvium.

If you’re not familiar with the band Obscura, this is German prog metal or progressive death metal with influences from thrash metal prog act Voivod, Athiest, Cynic, Death and Obscura era Gorguts.

Good German Death Metal band with influences from US and Canadian Progressive Thrash and Death Metal bands.

If you don’t know how that works on YouTube click on settings on the video and select 4K from the quality to view Hi Def Version..



VIDEO: Bloodbath – Bloodicide New Lyric Video

New song from Bloodbath from their new album “The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn”  out October 26 on Peaceville Records.

The album features vocals by Nick Holmes from Paradise Lost who is appearing on his second Bloodbath album guest stars on the album include Jeff Walker from Carcass, Karl Willetts from Bolt Thrower and John Walker from Cancer.

Artwork by Eliran Kantor who has done Testament, Soulfly and Iced Earth.



1. Fleischmann [03:38]
2. Bloodicide [04:56]
3. Wayward Samaritan[03:39]
4. Levitator[04:37]
5. Deader[04:06]
6. March Of The Crucifers[04:05]
7. Morbid Antichrist[04:05]
8. Warhead Ritual[03:38]
9. Only The Dead Survive[05:06]
10. Chainsaw Lullaby [03:20]

Bonus Tracks on Ltd Edition CD
11. Ride The Waves Of Fire [03:48]
12. Wide Eyed Abandon[05:00]


Kirk Hammett …And Justice For All Official Box Set Unboxing

Kirk Hammett officially unboxes the new Metallica – …And Justice For All remastered box set out November 2, 2018. Box Set has 11 CD’s, Double Lp, Picture Disc, Four DVD’s, Mp3 Downloads, Tour Laminate, Patches, and 120 Page Booklet. Pre Order at . …And Justice For All (Remastered) – Deluxe Box Set Details…

Overkill’s D.D. Verni Releases New Solo Album & Lyric Videos

Bassist D.D. Verni from Thrash Metal originators Overkill is releasing his first solo album. The album, Verni – Barricade, was mixed and mastered by Chris “Zeuss” Harris who has worked with Rob Zombie.

Guest musicians include Jeff Waters – Annihilator, Bruce Franklin – Trouble, Mike Romeo – Symphony X, Jeff Loomis – Arch Enemy, Mike Orlando – Adrenaline Mob, Steve Leonard – Almost Queen, Angus Clark – Trans Siberian Orchestra, Andre “Virus” Karkos and former Overkill drummer Ron Lipnicki.

Statement from D.D. Verni:

“So, why do a solo record… well I never really stop writing material, and after some time, it starts to pile up and take shape and I wonder what it will be. In the past, anything that was not OVERKILL material I would put aside for my other band THE BRONX CASKET CO., but when I starting pulling these songs together, it was clearly not that, and I thought, ‘Okay, I guess it’s a solo record.’ The material was kinda metal and kinda rock and kinda punk, so those really are my basic influences. In OVERKILL, I take all that background and funnel it into our thrash sound. But these songs were not thrash but a combination of the other stuff.

“I would never really have an interest in doing a record that was thrash-sounding outside of OVERKILL; I just don’t think it could be any better. The fun is trying new shit and seeing where it goes for me.

“I could always do all the instruments myself, as I have in the past on projects, but thought this could be a good opportunity to try working with some new people. My wife was hearing me thinking out loud and basically said, ‘Why don’t you just call some guys whose work you like and see if they would be interested?’ And so that’s what I did.”

Verni – Lost In The Underground:

D.D. Verni – Fire Up



Monteal’s Cryptopsy Unleash New Death Metal Video

Cryptopsy – Sire of Sin

Video Review:

This video is from the new Cryptopsy EP – The Book of Suffering Tome II. Although not the same Death Metal style as their early material Cryptopsy’s newer sound will appeal to a more mainstream Death Metal audience

Not the same guttural Death Metal as their early albums but the band has stepped it up to a more brutal sound than some of their more recent previous albums with a more polished commercial sound that will appeal to a more mainstream oriented audience.

Brutal Death Metal fans will appreciate this album more than some of their other newer releases. Definitely worth checking out.