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Mayhem Says They Were Not Fans Of “Lords Of Chaos”

From: www.nme.com LINK: https://www.nme.com/news/music/mayhem-not-fans-movie-lords-chaos-2559987 “It came out all wrong” Mayhem‘s Necrobutcher has revealed that he’s not a fan of the band’s recent biopic Lords Of Chaos – saying that it “came out all wrong” and “is not a good movie”. Starring Sky Ferreira and Rory Culkin and directed by Jonas Åkerlund, the film tells the story of the…

VIDEO: Mayhem – Varg Says He Killed Euronymous In Self Defence

In a new video series Varg from Mayhem / Burzum is doing commentary on the Mayhem movie “Lords Of Chaos” and says he is being slandered in the movie and that he killed Euronymous in self defence after he was attacked first by stabbing him in the arms and then in the head which killed him, but went beyond self defence to voluntary manslaughter (in part 5).

You can see the full video series by Varg on his YouTube page at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChBsOxskMpDmBAsgJ91fKcg