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VIDEO: Possessed – Shadowcult

New video from Possessed from their new album “Revelations of Oblivion” out May 10 on Nuclear Blast Records.

Possessed – Shadowcult:

VIDEO: Possessed – No More Room In Hell

New song from Possessed from their new album “Revelations Of Oblivion”, this is Possessed’s first new album in thirty years.

Possessed – No More Room In Hell:

VIDEO: Onslaught – A Perfect Day To Die

New video from Thrash Metal band Onslaught produced by Onslaught and Pete Hinton from Saxon from their new 2019 album “A Perfect Day To Die” which is a tribute to Motorhead.

Onslaught – A Perfect Day To Die:

Onslaught – Power From Hell:

Classic Album Stream – Onslaught – The Force:


VIDEO: Venom – Storm The Gates

New song from Black Thrash Metal pioneers Venom from their new 2018 album “Storm The Gates”.

Venom – Storm The Gates:


Venom – Black Metal:

Venom – Wecome To Hell:


Venom – The Seven Gates Of Hell:

Venom – The Chanting Of The Priests:

VIDEO: Overkill – Last Man Standing

New video from Overkill “Last Man Standing” From their new album “Wings Of War” out February 22 on Nuclear Blast Records.

Overkill – Last Man Standing:




VIDEO: Metallica – Phantom Lord Live 2018

Metallica preforms their classic Kill ’em All track “Phantom Lord” for the first time in five years on October 25, a rare song to hear at a Metallica concert, for the second leg of their “WorldWired” Tour.

The Tour features the worlds first “swarm” of 99 “micro drones” flying inside the arena lit up like fireflies for the song “Month Into Flame”.